Intergalactic Railroad
fake news from outer space
People of Earth: We interrupt your standard deviation from coherent communication to decrypt the blessings and condemnations of your ancestors and future loved ones! +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ A blast from the past yet to come! A disaster averted! A brass instrument of altered destiny flung from the skies, alien and distant, I bring you a message from THE INTERGALACTIC RAILROAD!
a year ago

Episode Notes

IGRR's train correspondent introduces us to the wonderful world of the Shruti Box, which is an instrument. Some assholes are trying to make space cops and space hotels and space walmarts and you should hate those people. Join the Henchpersons Union. Together we will infiltrate and destroy capitalist security apparatus orbiting this planet, which is Earth. Finally, Spencer Alan Boston is a king and must have his freedom.

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