Intergalactic Railroad
fake news from outer space
People of Earth: We interrupt your standard deviation from coherent communication to decrypt the blessings and condemnations of your ancestors and future loved ones! +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ A blast from the past yet to come! A disaster averted! A brass instrument of altered destiny flung from the skies, alien and distant, I bring you a message from THE INTERGALACTIC RAILROAD!
3 months ago

Episode Notes

Strategic Narrative Operations is when you strategicly narrate operations, and the more strategic you are the more operatic things get. This is just the facts, Jim. Shut up, man. Literally nobody is dying of covid its not a big deal, so lets have a civil war already ok. Have you considered checking yourself for parasites. Dont go hurting people because the phone tells you to ALRIGHT JACK VOTE! MEAT SUITS WILL NOT BE REPAIRED! VOTE! FOREST IS NOT NECESSARY! VOTE! MAXIMIZE COMMODITY! VOTE!

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