Intergalactic Railroad
fake news from outer space
People of Earth: We interrupt your standard deviation from coherent communication to decrypt the blessings and condemnations of your ancestors and future loved ones! +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ A blast from the past yet to come! A disaster averted! A brass instrument of altered destiny flung from the skies, alien and distant, I bring you a message from THE INTERGALACTIC RAILROAD!
7 months ago

Episode Notes

"Using Dimensional Analysis to Investigate Feasability of Woodgas CPT + Coppice Silvopasture Managment to Power Our Cities" by Silas Bennet 2017

Shout out to Cody Harrison and the Corona, LLC. Environmental co-op

<pre>Manna Short Story (Anarcho Space Communism Futurism): Co-op start-up being organized by founder of this LLC: Ecosystem Restoration Camps 501c3: Ecolonomic Action Team: Solid State Isothermal Air Compression: Mark Shepard's "New Forest Farm" A great example of a profitable Silvopasture: Mark Shepard's book "Restoration Agriculture": What is a "Silvopasture": What is "Coppicing": What is "Wood Gasification": Supercritical Fluid Gasification: What is a "Supercritical Fluid": What is a "B Corp": What is "CZTS Solar Cells": What is "Biogas Digestion": </pre>

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