Relating To The Ecology Of The Fence


Peter rabbit was a perfectly content little rabbit who lived with his mother and three sisters in a hole in the ground. Despite his mother telling him explicitly not to fuck around, Peter is tempted by the rich and fertile garden of Farmer McGregor, and sneaks under the fence to steal carrots. Having eaten many carrots, he becomes lethargic. He's very nearly killed by the furious farmer as he's caught napping, and in the rush to escape, his lovely jacket, which was sewn by his dear mother, is snagged on the fence, and is lost. Mcgregor mounts it on a scarecrow as a warning.

Or in other words, Farmer Mcgregor tried to lynch an innocent little rabbit, whose land was being occupied by a foreign force and dominated using extreme violence. I for one, stand firmly on the side of Peter Rabbit, and wish him nothing but great luck in any further expeditions against this outrageous and notorious Mr Mcgregor.

Furthermore, Mr Mcgregor owes Mr Rabbit not only an apology and a hand sewn jacket, but a very significant blood debt as well. Indeed, this farmer and his wife have grown fat on Mr Rabbit's very own father, who was slaughtered and cooked into a pie!

Beatrix Potter, through whom this unfortunate story has been passed down to us, relates that for the rest of his life, Peter Rabbit was a broken thing, traumatized, twitchy-nosed, and unwilling to take risks. The story really makes you feel bad for him. It is truly a tragedy which modern society could not possibly stand by and allow.

And yet this is exactly what is happening at the North West Detention Center in Tacoma, Washington. Obviously, the United States has learned nothing since 1902, when this story was first made public. Why should a society which claims compassion and liberty as core values use the lack of one to curtail the other?

How can so many normative adults associate so easily with a food animal, and have such a hard time understanding the reality of the situation for thousands of human beings?

What broke in the minds of so many, to allow themselves to think of themselves as killers, and as targets second? I assert now, and firmly, that in the minds of these stodgy fence building tightwads, there is no human version of Peter Rabbit. There is no voice of discontent and reason to prevent the slaughter of innocents, and without such a voice there can be no humanity in the mind of an ICE agent or their sniveling supporters. In the story as the guards at NWDC would tell it, the bunny is abused, and spends the rest of life in an altered state, the farmer never receiving a reckoning of any kind, and the cycle of abuse reconstituting itself over the generations.

Apparently Farmer McGregor is unwilling or incapable of facing the difficult reality that confronts Peter and his family. Perhaps, on further inspection, Mr McGregor would see that Peter Rabbit is not just an animal, but a stand-in for a human being, and an icon of impoverished suffering beset by the strong and careless. Surely, no American Farmer has ever felt helpless in the face of forces beyond their control! You fucking idiot, I am joking. I apologize to all the people I've been comparing to rabbits. Fuck ICE, and fuck the population of apathetic morons who support this shit.

Fuck also these other things: the crime of asking politely, the act of waiting to die, and murder by apathy. This is Earth. Borders are not allowed. End of story. People are born to live forever and go anywhere. Destroy the barriers!