The Biocosmic Department of Complaints and Accusations

16 June, 02018 Dept. Complaints&AccusationsDOCAA

Send us your complaints. We will deliver your complaints and accusations in an orderly and civil manner, or simply keep them on file for use as context in future arguments. We are an anonymous service, if you like. Grievances may be submitted as public or private, with public grievances being available in a searchable data base.

For the delivery of private grievance notifications we charge a nominal fee, waived under appropriate circumstances. Contact us for more information.

Our email address is

Are you out of work? Do you desire some means of wasting time in the office? Do you enjoy translating furious rants into lawyerish prose? Do you have experience managing online public datasets? Contact us about our exciting part-time managerial tasks.

Please Note: We do not exist as a retaliatory service. We publicize the uncensored truth of the matters put before us, and are willing to receive but not publicize personal information as a step towards delivering statements of grievance in a nonviolent fashion. We don't do matrimonials and we accept but never publish nudes or home addresses.