It is our desire to communize the universe and seed our selves beyond the world.

Space probably is not dead, but we don't know for sure so let's find out.


Resistance to space exploration will not prevent space exploration.

Resistance to space exploration will prevent your participation, destroy your power, and limit your options when space exploration bears fruit. Already the earth is claimed by states, and surveilled by satellites. The last remaining free places are being strangled by the encroaching apparatus of capitalism and industry. Much disrespect to those who are content to squat these last free places, and placidly wait for the end.


Any self should live as long as it chooses to live.

This goes for humans and nonhumans, post humans, sentient animals, and emotional intelligences. This is a value statement. It does not have to be possible. Very simply, it is better to live, until it isn't.

Any self should be able to go anywhere.

Movements in space and time, as well as movements in other dimensions or measureable characteristics, are not the domain of the self, these acts are the actual material of which the self consists. There is nothing inherent in space or time that calls into question the ability of selves to change, to flow, and to migrate. The only real law is that no act shall be perfectly repeated, as expressed by the creation of entropy in time.

These selves acting up and moving around will eventually run into each other and interact.

There is no ethic, no morality, and no philosophy that will prevent atrocities and self destruction. Only action, knowledge and luck can prevent the destruction of specific selves. Each circumstance is unique, and doctrines are not truth but preference.

The selves intermingle.

Why shouldn't individuals communize to create larger organisms which are new individuals? On no scale should this process be limited.